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Monday, March 29, 2004

Terps and stuff
Another nickname that bothers me is the Maryland Terrapins. The first reaction, like with so many other nicknames, is, "what the !@#$%^&* is a terrapin?" However, through national media attention due to their outstanding sports programs, most of us know now that a terrapin is a turtle. Why a turtle? Why not a chicken. Seriously though, when the nickname gods were handing out, well, nicknames, Maryland thought they said "something really fast, agile and menacing," and told them, sure, we'll take two, when they actually siad, umm "turtle." This is also one of those schools who's nickname has a nickname. The Terrapins are known as "Terps" for short. Wow, bad enough you've got a crappy nickname, but to have a crappy nickname for your nickname? Ouch. And Terps sounds worse than Terrapins – you might as well called them Dweebs.

In Maryland's defense, though, I will say they've handled the situation well. They've got a durn mean lookin' turtle, as turtles go.:

Ahh, ain't he cute!? Ferocious, yet approachable.

And, you've got to love their most recent t-shirt campaign:

"Fear the turtle" Heh heh. I love it. If your nickname isn't something to fear, then create the fear.